A Guide To Property Chains When Buying Or Selling

House model and chains, real estate concept

Property chains can be one of the most frustrating aspects of selling a home. They can make or break a sale and sometimes leave you with your dream home slipping away.

Of course, there are many cases when a chain can run smoothly too, and this guide will help you understand what to do in all eventualities. 

Below you’ll find all you need to know about property chains to ensure you’re well informed to make the right decisions for you.

What is a Property Chain?

A property chain is relatively simple to understand and happens when a series of homeowners are wishing to sell and move into another home. They are all reliant upon each other for their own sales to run efficiently in order for them to sell and move also.

Essentially this usually happens when someone who wishes to move home has to sell in order to complete their move.

If there is a break in the chain it can affect the whole deal and potentially lead to a series of moves collapsing.

Why Would A Property Chain Collapse?

There are a number of reasons as to why a property chain might collapse, and there are many reasons as to why you should be wary of this.

Among the main reasons a chain may collapse are:

How A Chain Can Be Fixed

There are many ways in which a chain can run a little more smoothly and in some cases they can be relatively simple, whether you’re a buyer or seller.

Some of the main ways people ensure a chain stays fixed is by doing the following:

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