A Guide To Sale Completion Day: All You Need To Know

Sale Completion

So, you’ve managed to sell your house, and completion day is fast approaching. It can be a long and laborious process, but completion day marks the light at the end of the tunnel, and quite often a new chapter in your life.

But what actually happens on completion day?

Below is our full guide to the day itself and all the details you need to know to ensure it runs smoothly.

What Is Sale Completion Day?

Sale completion day is the final step of a property sale and is the day in which the money is transferred between the buyer and the seller, with the buyer then being given the keys.

It’s an exciting time for both parties and can often be an exhausting day, with so much to think about.

What Happens on Completion Day?

A lot can happen on completion day so it’s important that you are prepared and know all the ins and outs of what will go on during this day.

Among the key things that will happen on completion day is:

Top Tips For Completion Day

The best thing you can do for completion day is be prepared. You should consider:

All Sales Are Different

Of course, it’s important to remember that all sales are different too. They are completely unique to each other and it very much depends on the buyer and seller. For instance one particular buyer may be looking to move into a home, whereas another may see it as an investment to let out eventually.

Cash buyers and those with a mortgage can also have very different completion days. For example, we’re cash buyers here at Fast Cash Property and handle all the solicitors fees and paperwork, to make steps within the moving process much simpler for you.

If you’d like to know more about how our buying process works, contact a member of our team today.