A Guide to Selling Your Property in a Flood Zone

Flooded home

We’re seeing more floods than ever before in the UK, with global warming continually changing the landscape in which we live.

Homes that were once safe, are now at risk of flooding, while those that have always been in danger are now flooding more frequently.

This can naturally cause problems when it comes selling. Here at Fast Cash Property we can help. Not only can we buy your home no matter where it is or what it’s condition, we’ve also got the following advice on selling your house if it’s in a flood zone…

Selling in a Flood Zone

If you are looking to sell in a flood zone then it is important to be up front with those potential buyers.

Declare Historic Flooding

While there is no legal requirement to declare to a potential buyer that your home has previously flooded, it is always wise to do so.

By avoiding to mention it upfront, it may lead to a breakdown in trust between seller and buyer once the buyer finds out. This will ultimately happen further down the line when you’re required to fill in the Seller’s Property Information Form.

Within this form you’ll find the following question:

“Has any part of the property (whether buildings or surrounding garden or land) ever been flooded?”

Once you’ve completed this form it will be sent to the buyer’s solicitor. Therefore a buyer would find out eventually.

Sell Your Property To Fast Cash Property

The government grade the various flood zones across the country and can be useful for a potential buyer to know as it can be incredibly influential in whether the sale goes through.

The types of flood zone grades are:

High: This is an area with a severe chance of flooding and is the highest grade offered by the government. It takes into account flood defences and is given to areas which have over a 3.3% chance of floods each year.

Medium: This is an area which has a 1% to 3.3% chance of flooding yearly.

Low: These are areas in the UK which have a 0.1% to 1% chance of flooding each year.

Very Low: These are UK areas with a chance of 0.1% or lower yearly.

To find the flood zone grade in your area visit: https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/long-term-flood-risk/map

Flood Defences in the Home/Area

As well as being up front about the risk of flooding, it is also useful to highlight the flood prevention features and defences in place in the area or in the home.

You should also detail whether the defences were put in place prior to the last flood or since.

Sell Your House to Fast Cash Property

If you are struggling to sell your property then we are here to help. We’ll buy a property no matter what the condition and no matter what the location.

We can give you a cash offer in as little as 24 hours, with the entire process completed in just seven days.

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