Best Time to Sell

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If you’re looking to sell your home, you may be wondering when exactly is the best time to do so?

While the sale of a home is generally dictated by supply and demand, there can be certain times of the year when certain types of sale are better than others. Of course, with us here at Fast Cash Property, we’ll buy your home for cash at any time of the year and at a pace to suit you.

However, if you’re looking to sell on the open market, that isn’t always the case. Below you’ll find what the statistics say about exactly when is the best time to sell your house…

Selling Your House Fast

If you’re looking to sell your house quickly on the open market, then Spring is traditionally the best time to do so. Between March and June is always considered the best time to sell fast, with it taking around 57 days on average to go under offer according to statistics.

Of course, here at Fast Cash Property, we can make you an offer in as little as 24 hours if you’re looking for the fastest sale possible, and will do so at any time of the year!

October and November are often the worst months to sell, averaging around 80 days to go under offer, while December is also typically a bad month with everyone’s attention turning to Christmas and being settled in a home.

Type of Property

The type of property you’re selling can often be the biggest factor in when is the best time to sell.

Below you’ll find the key months of when to sell for various types of property…

1 & 2 Bed Flats/Terraces

The early months of the year are often the best time to sell one and two bed properties as they’re generally bought by first time buyers and young couples and professionals. A new year can often welcome a new move and there’s often an increase in viewers of this type during those months.

September can also be a good time for one and two bed sales, with young buyers then hoping to be settled by the Christmas period.

3 & 4 Bed Family Homes

For buyers who have kids, or are potentially looking to start a family, selling outside of school holidays can be the best time. Attention turns to childcare during these periods and the summer holidays can often be a struggle to sell as families take holidays and look more towards days out and activities over moving house.


Bungalows are often more targeted to elderley buyers and therefore it’s better to sell between June and September, as colder months can often put buyers off, with those 60+ preferring to be settled in a cosy home, rather than having boxes lying around. 

Struggling to Sell? We Buy All Year Round

There are many reasons why you may struggle to sell that are completely unrelated to the date. If you are struggling to sell for any reason, whether it be flooding or damp, or simply the market just isn’t right for at this particular moment, we are here to help.

We’ll buy any house no matter what the time of year or what the condition and are always on hand to answer any questions, offer any advice and get your sale started swiftly and effectively.

If you’d like to know more about selling to us, get in touch with us today and we’ll provide you with all the help you need.