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If you’ve any questions about the work we do or how we operate. Perhaps you’re in the middle of selling your home and would like to know the next steps, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us today, or take a look through our most frequently asked questions to find the answers you’re looking for.

I inherited a house that I wish to sell. Am I required to arrange probate?

Inheriting a house can be incredibly problematic, particularly during a difficult time. While it’s a nice windfall, many wish to sell as the upkeep could be too costly.

We can help here at Fast Cash Property and will buy the property for cash, with full transactions possible in as little as a week. We’ll sort all the solicitors and pay all the fees to ensure the smoothest possible transaction.

The chain I’m in has just collapsed and I could lose my dream home. What can I do?

If there are problems further down a chain which is having an impact on you selling your home, and in turn could make you lose your dream home, we can make you an offer on your property in as little as 24 hours and we’re cash buyers.

I have a tenant who isn’t paying their rent. Will this affect my sale to you?

Troublesome tenants can often cause lots of problems when selling a property. It can also cause huge amounts of stress while you own the property. However, we are more than happy to take the property off your hands and will deal with all the complications with the tenant in question. You’ll get a cash buyer and the tenant out of your hair!

My property is run down and needs multiple repairs. Will I be able to sell this?

You may face problems selling a damaged property on the open market. However, we will buy any house in any condition and can have an offer to you within 24 hours!

I’m getting a divorce and need to sell the house. How can you help?

We understand it’s a difficult time when separating from a partner. That’s why we offer a sensitive and understanding process to sell your house in the quickest time possible. We’re cash buyers and can liaise with both parties to ensure the sale is dealt with swiftly and effectively.

My house flooded last year. Will this affect my sale?

Homes in flood zones can be difficult to sell. However, we’re committed to buying any home in any condition and will provide you with a cash offer and a sale to suit your circumstances.

I’m about to have my home repossessed, what can I do to prevent this?

We offer a sell house fast service which will provide you with a cash offer in 24 hours and a sale complete in as little as a week. Once contracts are signed, our team of expert solicitors will act swiftly to ensure any repossession order on your home is removed.


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