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What is a guaranteed house sale?

A guaranteed house sale gives you complete assurance that we will buy your house. When you list your house for sale with a conventional estate agent, they will always say that they can sell your house, and indeed they will do so. However, it might take many months, it may take years, it may get tangled up in someone else’s incredibly complicated chain, and repeatedly fall through, and you may need to drastically drop the price. With us it is different. We can buy your house fast, with no complications, no other parties, and a simple transaction to allow you to make your next move.

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How can this help me?

Life can be complicated. There are times when you are in a position to hold out for a high offer, to wait while your buyers sell their property, but there are times when you need a sale. A brilliant job offer on the other side of the country? You need to move. Yes, you could rent your house, and sell it with tenants in, while you rent in your new location, but often it can be infinitely simpler to speak to us and reach a quick resolution. A quick sale would allow you time to purchase a new house ready to start your new job, and because we can offer a guaranteed house sale, you are then in a strong buying position.

Perhaps you have inherited a house with your siblings, and need a quick sale to free up the cash to pay off your own mortgages. The possible increase in sale value, gained by holding out for a higher price, can often not be worth the offset complications of remote sales or being responsible for a vacant property. If your home is at risk of repossession, a swift cash offer can prevent this from occurring, simply speak to our team. The long-lasting complications caused by having your home repossessed can be considerable, acting now could save you years of financial complications.

How does Fast Cash Property work?

Simply call the team at Fast Cash Property, and we will make you a no-obligation cash offer on your property within 24 hours. If you choose to accept our offer the money can be in your bank in as little as seven days. Our experienced legal team will ensure that all the paperwork is handled professionally and swiftly. We will pay off your mortgage and deposit the balance of funds into your bank account. We can deal with any repossession notices that are being placed against your property. The whole process is simple, straightforward, and transparent.

Why choose Fast Cash Property to buy your house?

We always work for you, to help you solve your problems. We pride ourselves on our open communication and our transparency. With us, there are no hidden fees, no extra costs, and no nasty surprises. Our process is straightforward and clear. Our friendly and helpful team are here to answer all your questions, whatever they may be. We understand that you may be in a difficult position and that you may be stressed, but we are here to support you and help you to resolve your financial crisis with a quick and guaranteed house sale.


I want to know more…

Speak to us, we are here for you. Our team are available for an informal discussion. No hard sell, no obligation, just a conversation to answer your questions and give you other options for your house sale. If your home is at risk of being repossessed a guaranteed house sale can be the best option. Having your home repossessed can be extremely distressing and have a long-lasting negative impact on your credit score. If you are facing financial hardship, act now and speak to our friendly team. With us, you will receive a simple cash offer for your property, and we can arrange everything else. We will pay off your mortgage and deposit all remaining funds in your bank account in seven days. There is a way out of your financial situation, don’t despair, we are here for you. Whatever your circumstances are the team at Fast Cash Property are here to help you. There is always a solution, and the best time to find it is today.

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